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Board of Directors


President:  Gina Manning

Vice President:  Justin Boll

Past President - Roger Yarbrough

Treasurer:  Justin Howard

Secretary: Tom Jackson

Office Staff 

Administrator:  Gayle Jackson

Administrative Assistants:  Diana Howard , Shelly Tompkins, and Paige Vincent


Term expires 2023:    Ben Dasch, J D Grimsley, Mark Roan, Jon Waters, John West, 

Term expires 2024:    Justin Boll, Grant Day, Mark Hord, Tom Jackson, Gina Manning

Term expires 2025:     Valerie Hill, Justin Howard, Mark Methenitis, Michelle Schwabe, Jeff Tompkins

Associate Directors

 Philip Kent, Brian Slye, Jake Sweeney
Advisory Directors 

Wally Bettes, Kevin Cabaniss, Bill Dunleavy, James Jackson, Randy Jones, Rob Macalik, Gary Penn, Thad Soles, Terrance Walker, Jon Waters


13650 TI Blvd, Suite 207, Dallas, TX 75243 (MAP)        Phone: 972-238-9728     
  Fax: 972-238-7465


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

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