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The Friday, Feb 19 Kindergarten boys basketball games scheduled for tonight have been cancelled due to a busted pipe at Pioneer Mesquite and weather conditions.  We are playing all basketball games for Saturday, Feb 20 and Sunday, Feb 21.  For those playing at Ridgewood Methodist Church and Dallas Lutheran be aware there may not be restrooms available because of pipes bursting during the week.    


SVAA is looking for umpires for our baseball and softball leagues.  You must be at least 14 years old and have some knowledge of the game. Please email or call our office if you are interested. 



Update 1/7/2021

               As you know by now, all games for all grades begin this weekend, January 9. We continue to be unable to provide enough space for practice.  RISD informs us that they remain unwilling to open their facilities to any outside organization, including SVAA.  RISD plans to revisit it’s position yet again in early February.  We understand RISD desire to be as careful as possible and their concern that allowing SVAA into their facilities means that they would also have to open their doors to other groups.  More news on the practice front as we learn more from RISD. 

            Remember, there are strict spectator restrictions at each location with a player, coach and spectator check-in process.  If you have any questions, check with your coach as they have been informed of the specific restrictions at the facility you will be using for games. Referees have been instructed that no game will occur if there is a violation of those guidelines.  SVAA appreciates your compliance with its COVID related guidelines. 

                Let’s have a great basketball season!

Update 12/17/2020

                Good news.  SVAA has located enough gymnasiums to ensure that all grade levels will begin to play games on January 9, 2021.  We will be utilizing facilities at churches, private schools, recreation centers, and health clubs.  Expect to hear from your coach the location that will be used for your individual team.  We have not yet located enough space to provide practice times, but we will be talking with RISD again in early January to see if they will open up their facilities for our practices.  More news on the practice front as we learn more from RISD.  First grade and kindergarten grade levels will have an abbreviated practice time prior to the start of their games as we have done in prior years. There will be spectator restrictions at each location with a player, coach and spectator check-in process. Your coach will provide more information and procedures. 

                We hope you each have a great Holiday Season and we look forward to starting games on January 9.


November 13, 2020

                      Richardson Independent School District informed us this morning that they will not rent any facilities for indoor activities in December.  We understand the challenges RISD is facing and know this was a difficult step to take.  No decision has been made for subsequent months.  Based on our conversations with RISD, we expect to have additional guidance by early December.  RISD will continue to monitor COVID-19 numbers in their school district and base its decisions on the trend lines of those numbers.  Until we learn more, we are placing the Basketball program on hold.  There will be no basketball activities in December.  We apologize for any inconvenience that the delay may cause you and your children.  Our program uses over 20 RISD gymnasiums and is very dependent on access to those facilities. We will provide you with additional information as soon as we have more to report.  Thanks for your patience.

Monday - July 27, 2020

            The Spring Valley Athletic Association continues to monitor the evolving developments surrounding COVID-19, including the guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments.  SVAA completed its delayed Srping Season Sports in June and July by adopting guidelines for parents, officials, and players to follow. 

            SVAA plans to follow the same approach for its Fall Sports.  You will find the the guidelines SVAA has developed for Football (tackle, flag, and 7v7), volleyball, basketball and baseball HERE

             As Govenor Abbott noted in his guidelines for youth sports operators and families, COVID-19 has not left our community and can be easily spread from person to person. While we have designed processes to help reduce the possibility of the spread of the virus, there is not guarantee those processes will be completely effective.  Anyone electing to participate must realize that the risk of COVID-19 infection exists.  Since the disease may be spread by those without symptoms, the possibility of spread to others is high, certaianly when compared to sheltering in place.  Please review the checklists for Youth Sports Operators and Youth Sports Families issued by the Govenor on May 18 and executive order GA-29 issued on July 2.

          SVAA appreciates your patience and understanding during what continues to be an unusual time for all of us. 

Registration Deadlines

Spring Baseball, Softball, and Football will open for registrations on January 18th.

Spring Volleyball registration will open February 1st.   

Registration Deadlines: Baseball and Softball - Friday, February 26th *UPDATED

                                         Flag Football and 7v7 Football - Friday, February 26th *UPDATED

                                         Volleyball - Friday, March 5th

*Registration fee increased for the 2021 Spring season for COVID related fees, including extra staff for cleaning, sanitizing, and health screeners.

Register online with Visa or MasterCard or with cash or check using the registration form located in "Registration Forms" under the Main Menu.

Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.  Please click the link below, fill out the forms, and return it, along with the required documentation, to our office. There is a drop slot outside of our door for after hour drop offs.

Financial Assistance Form


SVAA Exclusive Shopping Event

Dick's Sporting Goods SVAA Shopping Day

February 26th - March 1st and March 5th - March 8th 

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Welcome to Spring Valley Atletic Association

SVAA's mission is to enrich the lives of children and their families by providing youth sports environments that are appropriate, organized and enjoyable. We support a variety of sports for youths of all ages and skill levels. SVAA is a not-for-profit volunteer organization in Dallas, TX and offers children the opportunity to play recreational sports in the RISD/North Dallas area.

Facts About SVAA
Did you know:

  • » SVAA has been organizing recreational sports in the RISD/North Dallas area since 1968.
  • » Over 8000 players participated in one or more SVAA sports last year
  • » Over 700 teams participated in these sports
  • » There are no try-outs and no recruiting; teams are formed by SVAA based on schools the players attend
  • » Over 500 adult volunteers give their time and talents to help SVAA run its programs
  • » SVAA Board of Directors, Sports Commissioners, and League Presidents are all community volunteers

*Please Read* Family Registration Process


1. When asked to login, login with any of the usernames and passwords you have with SVAA
         a. This could be your child’s player account, or your own coach account
2. On the next page you will see a list of your family members
         a. Mark anyone that is a Guardian as a Parent
         b. Mark the children as Players
         c. If a Player or Parents name is on there twice, mark one of the names as “Duplicate”
3. Hit Continue after selecting your Family Roles
4. On the next screen you will have the option to edit your login details to whatever you please
        a. You will be able to use this username and password to register all participants in your family
                                               5. Hit Submit when finished
                                               6. On the next page you will be given the option to register your players
                                                   a. Select the “Register Player” button next to your child’s name to register as usual

A big thank you goes to Dick's Sporting Goods for generously donating new equipment to our football, baseball, softball, and basketball programs.  Be sure to stop by their store!

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